Be Prepared

It is super important to go into your workout prepared. I used to just go the gym, feel lost looking around & hop on the nearest treadmill or elliptical. Yes, cardio is good for your health and good for immediate weight loss. But, to really build metabolism, you need to build muscle. How do you build muscle? Lift weights. It is a pretty easy formula. The hardest part is probably knowing what you want to do for the day… so that is why you must make a plan before you leave the house!

Here is a picture of my routine from this morning. I planned this over my pre-workout cup of coffee this morning 🙂 I wrote 3 reps, when I meant 3 sets (oops!)

2/9 Workout

Typically I try to stick to just lower body or upper body and then some cardio. But today I decided to do a whole body workout (with a focus on lower body) – a full hour of weights, I felt pretty empowered afterwards!

Here’s to hoping I feel super sore tomorrow. (just in time for spin class!)

xo. P


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