Yoga: A Training Necessity

When your yoga instructor hands you a towel that smells of lavender for your final shavasana, you know it’s going to be a good class…

Despite the fact that my injured IT band is feeling much better today, I did everything in my power to NOT run. Let me tell you, this was incredibly difficult on such a gorgeous fall day. Like I have said before, running is my therapy.

Today I knew I needed an alternative way to exercise. I chose to attend yoga at my gym. I knew I needed a good stretch and a way to just simply relax (work has been incredibly stressful & has grad school). Unfortunately, the class went by so fast! I am used to taking yoga classes at a studio down the street from me where they are 90 minute classes. This class was just an hour. It was simple vinyasa yoga with a lot of twists, downward facing dog and plank.

The best part of yoga? Shavanasa. This is where you take 10 minutes (or longer depending on the studio/instructor/class) and lie on your back, with your eyes shut, and relax. You are able to let all tension out of your body, your mind shuts down, you may even fall asleep. It is the most necessary part of your weekly routine.

My biggest regret looking back at my training was that I did not do yoga enough. I only started doing yoga once a week this past month. Ever since then, I have felt more relaxed, stronger & at peace with my mind and body.

If you are scared of doing yoga, do not be. It is the most acceptable, forgiving & open practice I have ever been involved in. You are able to adapt every position to your own needs and it is truly a judgement free zone.

I challenge you to try an exercise out of your comfort zone just once sometime this next month. See how it makes you feel. See if it is something you like. I didn’t think I would like yoga. I now love it.

xo. P


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