Second Half Marathon: What Was I Thinking?

Seriously, who runs two half marathons in one month? This girl.

I don’t recommend it.

I woke up at 5am against my own will this past Sunday morning at the annoying sound of my alarm. I pressed snooze. I wanted nothing to do with running 13 miles on a brisk Sunday morning. I just wanted to sleep. I pulled myself out of bed and started to make my oatmeal. Half awake, I’m pretty sure I even forgot what I was supposed to be doing today until my parents called saying they were on their way to pick me up. Oh, right… I have to run a half marathon this morning. If they weren’t picking me up, I don’t know if I would have gone. I scarfed down my oatmeal, slugged my Gatorade & downed some peanut butter. My dad, otherwise known as my athletic trainer, taped my IT bands & then we were off to Newton High School.

Even if I didn’t want to run it, the nerves set in. I was nervous because I hadn’t been running since I was injured. I was nervous because I was running it alone. I was nervous because I wasn’t confident. All of my confidence from my last race was gone. I had trained so hard for my last race & ended up injured… who said this one would be different?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t different. I ran all 13.1 miles in pain. It takes about 3 miles for my IT bands to “warm up”, then around mile 7, they start to give out right as I become mentally drained, too. I don’t give up though, I’m too proud. Let me tell you, pride isn’t always the best thing to have. I continued to run the rest of the 13.1 miles in so much pain that I wanted to cry when I saw the finish line. I was living for that “finish” sign ever since mile 7. I was so happy to cross and finish my second half marathon.

Despite the lack of motivation, lack of confidence and extreme pain – I feel pretty bad ass. I ran two half marathons within one month of each other. I proved to myself that I could run a half marathon, and then I proved it to myself again for a second time. It’s a rush.

I am nervous though. I am nervous to start running again. I’m nervous that I am going to permanently injure my legs unless I change something. I have started to see my personal trainer for strength training. I promised myself I would add yoga into my weekly routine. I plan on seeing a physical therapist soon. I need to make this right. Running is my passion, running is my drug & running is my happiness.

But seriously, don’t ever run two half marathons that close to one another.

Next up, Fenway Spartan Sprint. What’s wrong with me?

Stay fit.

xo. P


Team Beachbody

I’m an official Beachbody Coach! I will discuss this newest update in my life soon, but for now… here is what my Facebook post said just the other day when I finally decided to take the plunge and join Team Drop The Cookie.

Even though work is agonizing sometimes, I know I’m passionate about healthcare & everything it stands for. Sitting in class for 6 hours after an 8 hour work day is brutal, but I know I am going to be a student for life because I love learning. But, as much as I love healthcare and school, they can feel like chores even on the best days. What has never ever felt like a chore to me is exercise, nutrition & focusing on my health. Regardless of my schedule, exercise and nutrition have always been a number one priority for me. Just a year ago I joined a Beachbody T25 challenge group. Get a heart pumping workout in just 25 minutes? Yes please. I also started adding Shakeology to my diet. I’m never turning back! Shakeology has become a part of my day. It’s EASY, delicious, filling, and gives me all of the nutrients I need. As I began my training for my half marathon, I found that my close family and friends started to share their own nutrition and fitness successes with me & I loved it. There’s something about motivating people, that motivates me.

So….here I am, becoming a Beachbody Coach as part of Team Drop The Cookie. I couldn’t be more excited for this journey! Through this, I hope to help others stay focused & motivated on their fitness and nutrition goals while also staying true to my own goals. I have had an awesome role model as a coach this past year & can’t wait to work with Kyndra now as a fellow coach!! If you are at all interested in what this means, please reach out to me! I can give you some insight as to what Beachbody is & how fabulous Shakeology will make you feel! I mean really…who wouldn’t want to work out with Shaun T (extremely good looking jacked man) & then have a chocolate shake for lunch (delicious)? ‪#‎beachbody‬ ‪#‎shakeology‬ ‪#‎teamDTC‬


xo. P