2015: the year of love.

Long time no talk! What better way to start 2015 than with a blog post? I went a little MIA during finals week last semester & then I really took a step back during the holidays from everyone and everything, except my family and dear friends. I needed to “cleanse” myself of everything including work, Boston, social media & just my routine. I am now back in Boston, back at work & feeling rejuvenated!

Ever since 2012, each year has had a slogan. I have tried my best to live up to that slogan. Let me take you on a quick recap of these slogans so you can understand a little bit more…

2012: the year of selfish Paige. I went through a bad breakup at the end of 2011, so 2012 was MY year to do whatever I wanted & guess what, I did. I made some mistakes, mistakes that I learned from. I made some amazing decisions that have put me where I am today. Without this selfish mentality, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

2013: the year of change. I moved to Boston, started graduate school & started a new job. I am horrible with change, but these changes have made me the best version of myself. So, thank you 2013 me, thank you for accepting these changes and killing it.

2014: the year of YOLO. I was kidding when I made this slogan, but it ended up being true. I made the best memories with the best friends this past year from the White Mountains to Boston to New Orleans. I did everything & anything and said “yes” to almost anything I could. I partook in many firsts – first half marathon, first Spartan Sprint, first race series, first best friend vacation, first time my broken heart from 2012 actually felt fixed. Looking back, I don’t regret anything from this past year & that is the best feeling.

2015the year of love. Now, I don’t mean finding love – though, that wouldn’t be terrible if that happened. What I mean by love is loving myself. Despite all of my YOLOing (ha) in 2014, I have struggled with loving myself. I want to look in the mirror and say, I love the way you look, I love who you are as a person and I love what you value. On the outside I may look like I have it all together, but this is incredibly false. This girl still needs a lot of work. I am hoping to achieve this through a few different ways.

Here is how I plan to fall in love with myself in 2015:

  • Eat Clean. I have succeeded with this amazingly & plan on continuing this lifestyle. But, I’ve taken it to the next step already & have started the Paleo lifestyle. This will help me love myself because my stomach will continue to be happy & I will have more energy than ever! More to come on that!
  • Muscle Definition. Through weight training, yoga, spinning & my at home Beachbody workouts, I hope to have defined muscle. With that being said…
  • Do Yoga. In the past 6 months I have added yoga into my exercise routine and it has been the best addition to not only my physical well-being, but my mental well-being. After pounding the pavement for 20+ miles a week while training for my half marathons, my body needed to be exercised differently & now I am in love with yoga and how it makes ME feel.
  • Travel. I’m going to London in May & I plan on traveling a bit while I’m over there, too! I can’t wait! I hope this experience allows me to learn more about myself and allow me to fall in love with myself outside of my comfort zone. I also plan on traveling to the West Coast within the next year to visit one of my best friends who recently moved out there. Let’s go on adventures, 2015.
  • Challenge Myself. This is fairly broad and can be defined in a variety of ways. I did a pretty good job of challenging myself physically in 2014 but I want to continue that into 2015. I want to run another half marathon (or two!), run a Spartan Super (next step up from the Sprint) & compete in the Tough Mudder. Not only do I want to challenge myself physically, I want to challenge myself intellectually, too. I want to continue to grow and learn in my masters program. Most importantly, I want to challenge myself in my career. This may be the most difficult challenge for me & to be honest, I am not quite sure where to start.

This list may change and evolve, but right now, this is the list that makes me want to move forward into 2015 and make it the Year of Love. It’s no surprise that more than half of them are exercise and nutrition related. I guess fitness & nutrition really are my passion. I’ve always known that but re-reading this list just hit it home for me.

Have you thought about the years past and what their “slogans” would be? What would 2015 be for you?

xo. P


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