Anyone can do anything for 7 minutes….

It’s the 10 second countdown before the WOD starts that gets me amped up. I always check out the WOD the night before to try and mentally prepare myself for it. It is impossible to prepare for that gut wrenching feeling you get in your stomach as the clock counts down from 10 before you hear the loud beep and your coach yelling “GOOO!”, symbolizing that the workout has started.

Immediately after the beep, music blasts. The only thing in your head is how to get through this WOD. You almost drown out the music, you have no idea what is playing. The only thing that matters is you, the barbell, and your confidence. Anyone can do anything for 7 minutes. You can get through this AMRAP or RFT with a little self pep talk throughout the workout.

“Only 2 more rounds left…”

“Only 2 minutes left…”

You have to strategically motivate yourself throughout the workout. Your coach yelling at you may not help, the people watching & cheering for you, may not help… only YOU can motivate yourself. Only YOUR confidence will get you through the WOD. Only YOU will get through those gut wrenching, muscle burning, heart racing 7 minutes.

In CrossFit, YOU motivate YOU. In this box, you build more than muscle, you build confidence, self determination and strength that can be carried into your life.

xo. P

***Of course, not all WODs are 7 minutes, but that seems to be the average length of time for me recently 🙂  ***


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