30 by 30



Above and beyond eating healthy and working my ass off in the gym, a girl has to have fun! I am linking up with my bestie over at A Tale of Two Cs to tackle a list of 30 things we want to accomplish by the time we turn 30.

Start Date: TBD – I’ll let ya know when we check the first one off our list!

End Date: May 5, 2020.

Courtney & Paige’s 30 by 30:

1:: Go paintballing

2:: Hike Mount Washington

3:: Ski Tuckerman’s Ravine

4:: Go on a whale watch

5:: Go to a Boston Red Sox game

6:: Go to a Broadway show

7:: Explore New York CIty

8:: Rock climb

9:: Read a book together

10:: Go on a winery tour

11:: Brew our own beer

12:: Night out without make up

13:: Go to a concert

14:: Take a pole dancing class

15:: Ski outside of the New England

16:: Attempt paddle boarding

17:: Take a photography class together

18:: Go to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle Washington

19:: Visit Canada

20:: Go to a casino

21:: Take on white water rafting

22:: Walk the entire Freedom Trail in Boston

23:: Go to a museum in Boston

24:: Go on a duck boat tour

25:: Run a 5K

26:: Spend a whole 24 hours together without electronics and social media

27:: Volunteer

28:: 365 Picture Project (more to come on that)

29:: Host a Friendsgiving


Follow along as we document every single one of these together between our two blogs. I can’t wait to get started!

What’s on your bucket list?

xo. P


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