Weekly Sweat Sesh: 3/9-3/15

Weekly Sweat Sesh kettbell

“spring break” edition

I was fortunate enough to be on spring break this week & able to really focus on ME. Of course homework was still done, I still went to bed early. But let me tell you, being able to go home right after work & not have to stress about getting to class on time or submitting that paper right away was such a breath of fresh air.

With that being said, I was able to get to the gym every day this week and damn it felt GOOD.

Monday (3/9): CrossFit WOD.

4 x 2 Hang Power or Squat Cleans. Go light here.
4 x 3 Clean Pulls. Work on the consistency of the angle of your back during pulls

8 min AMRAP
9 hang power cleans 95/65
7 s2oh 95/65
5 lateral bar burpees

I struggled with the strength as I have never done clean pulls before! It’s all about “feeling” it… and that’s crap. I’ll figure it out soon enough. I was able to get  4 rounds of the AMRAP just shy of the Rx at 55 pounds. I was SO out of breath by the end, and it felt so amazing.

Tuesday (3/10): CrossFit WOD.

4 x 3 Front Squats
4 x 5 Strict or weighted ring dips

WORKOUT: (15 minute max)
10 Rounds As Fast As Possible
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 abMat Situps

Take a lacrosse ball and mash out your pecs and shoulders!   > 5 min

I walked into this WOD pretty confident I could do it. I was wrong, 10 rounds of ANYTHING is the worst. I finished the WOD in 13 minutes 30 seconds. My arms are jelly right now. In the strength portion, I was able to PR my front squat at 105 pounds. I think I’ll sit there for a little bit until I become more confident. I need to work on keeping my abs “on” when I do front squats. The best part? I’m better than I was yesterday, stronger than I was a week ago & a hell of a lot more confident than I was a month ago.

Wednesday (3/11): CrossFit WOD.

3 x 3 Push Press
3 x 6 back rack reverse lunges. 6 reps per leg

By land or sea

Choose one of the following

3 minutes Max Effort Cal Row
3 minutes rest
2 minutes ME cal row
2 minutes rest
1 minute ME cal


800m run
3 minute rest
400m run
2 minute rest
200m run

Running? In CrossFit? YUP. After we warmed up our core, lifted some heavy weights we were able to run outside. It was almost 60 degrees in Boston yesterday and I could have been happier to choose the “by land” option for the WOD.

I’m starting to bruise on my collar bones from this week…that barbell may as well just live on my front collarbones and shoulders. I’m looking forward to spinning tomorrow night as a change of pace, that’s for sure 🙂

Thursday (3/12): Spinning

55 minutes of heart pumping spinning, what more can a girl as for after a long week? This class turned into more than a workout for me, it turned into a therapy session. I had a terrible day at work and the instructor was so motivating and made me really focus on my entire body from the shoulders down…. and just leave my head at the door. It was the perfect balance to my heavy lifting all week. 

Friday (3/13): CrossFit WOD. 

15.3 Workout:

14-minute AMRAP:
7 muscle-ups
50 wall balls
100 double-unders


15.3 Workout SCALED:

50 wall balls
200 single-unders

For those of you who follow CrossFit, ’tis the CrossFit Season! It’s is the CrossFit Opens. The opens last for 5 weeks, and every week there is a different workout announced on Thursday night. All workouts must be completed by Sunday evening. At Rugged, we complete the open workouts on Friday night. 

Saturday (3/14): CrossFit WOD

Find a heavy snatch single. If you are power snatching add the overhead squat after the snatch.

12 minute AMRAP
30 Double Unders
9 Hang PSN   95/65

I saw snatched and wanted to cry. And then I saw double unders?! How dare he, those were just in 15.3! Needless to say, I got up, had a great breakfast and went to the box for the 10am workout. I’m glad I went! I felt strong, determined and focused. I was able to get 3 rounds + 30 double unders in the AMRAP. My goal with this workout? Increase my snatch weight… I know that will take some time & I’ll have to be patient.

Sunday (3/15): REST.

Normally I would workout, but my body needs a rest day after this week. Not only does it need a rest day, I had plans to attend the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Southie!  This was definitely a blessing in disguise, if it were not for the parade.. I would have been at the box and could have pushed myself too hard, too fast. REST IS IMPORTANT!

I’m ready for another week of working out. Who’s with me?

xo. P


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