Food Prep, My Favorite!

“Wait, you do what every Sunday?”
… “How long does that take you?”
…… “I wouldn’t even know what to cook…”
……… “I just don’t have time to do that!”

This are the typical reactions I get from people when I mention that I spend time every Sunday making my food for the week. The last one is my personal favorite… “I just don’t have time to do that!” I mean this in the most loving way, you all are full of bullshit. Of course you have time to prep food to fuel your body & make your week easy! Let’s make this post straight forward & answer some of these questions/reactions.

Wait, you do what every Sunday?:
Every Sunday I food prep. I make sure I purchase all of the food I’ll need for the week sometime during the weekend. Recently, I have enjoyed going to the grocery store on Friday nights after my workout. May sound lame, but let me tell you Trader Joe’s is empty and it is a much more enjoyable experience!  I make sure I know what I’m going to make and I make sure I have a plan for all 3 meals through at least Thursday. I really enjoy waking up on Sunday, getting ready for my workout and throwing something into my crockpot first thing in the morning. Not only do you have great food waiting for you, your home will smell delicious, too!

How long does that take you?:
I would say it takes me about 1-2 hours every Sunday to physically be in the kitchen cut, chop and prepare my food. This doesn’t count any baking or crockpot time! I don’t count those because that is hands off for me as the food cooks away.

I wouldn’t even know what to cook…:
What to cook? ANYTHING. Poke around online, look on Pinterest, take a market survey of your family! What are you craving? What’s easy? What have you always been wanting to try? This is where your creative side comes in! You can honestly do anything you want to do here… and guess what? If it doesn’t taste good, you don’t have to cook it again – no harm, no foul, just a learning experience.

I just don’t have time to do that!:
My favorite excuse. I’m sorry, I’ll be brutally honest here… if you want to eat healthy, have yummy meals and have a snack ready at your finger tips you will need to food prep ESPECIALLY if you lead a busy life. I’m not one to pat myself on my back, but I work full time, attend graduate school 3 nights a week,  exercise 6 days a week AND make time for my family and friends. Guess what, I make time to food prep. It’s all where your priorities land and mine land with a healthy lifestyle. Ya, maybe it’s because I am forced to eat very clean due to PCOS and ya, maybe it is because I love to cook and find it therapeutic. But I also know that it is necessary for me and my lifestyle.

For example, some items on the menu this week:
Breakfast: Quiche
…  scrambled a bunch of eggs, cut up too many vegetables, laid bacon down in a casserole dish to act as “crust”, poured eggs into the bacon “crust”, baked at 350 for 30 minutes.

Lunch: Chicken Salads
… cooked up chicken breasts to throw on some lettuce with dried cranberries and beets

Dinner: Lettuce Tacos
… scrambled some hamburger with taco seasoning in preparation to lay the hamburg in romaine lettuce hearts with avocado, tomatoes & salsa.

When in doubt, PREP THE PROTEIN. You can see that’s what I did here. Protein is the hardest and most time consuming item to prep. Later in the week I will probably saute some of the chicken with kale & mushrooms for dinner, I may make a sweet potato, too!

Some may say it is boring to eat the same food for the entire week. But, back to my previous comment, PREP THE PROTEIN and your options are endless. If you have a fridge full of good vegetables and a pantry full of good spices, you can literally do anything you want to do with the protein.


What makes food prep hard for you? Or do you have any food prep tips to share?!

xo. P


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