I’m not a runner, I run … I’m not a CrossFitter, I CrossFit.

Hi! Long time no talk. I was doing so well with keeping up with my posts & then as usual, finals hit & I hid in my books and at the CF box. Then I took off to London for a few weeks! I’m trying to find a way I can move to London… PhD in London anyone?
I’m not kidding….stay tuned, maybe not to London, but still.. stay tuned.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this whole “who I am” thing & how I can strive to continue to make 2015 the year of loving myself.

I’ve been asked “are you a runner?”
I’ve been told “you’re a CrossFitter…”

Guess what.. I’m neither.

I do not define myself as a runner what so ever. It’s something I really enjoy as an escape from my little world. I find freedom when I hit the pavement. My thoughts go right to my music, the pounding of the pavement, and my breath.

I definitely do not define myself as a CrossFitter either. I have progressed in my CrossFit “skills” the past few months, but I would not say I am by any means the best I can be or where I want to be with my lifts. There is still so much room for growth in the box, both on a personal and physical level.

This may seem controversial to those “runners” and “yogis” out there – but if you feel you are truly one of those, good for you. I am just unsure if I am. I know I can grow, change, and progress SO much in every exercise routine I take on. I also enjoy all different forms of exercise from CrossFit to running to yoga to barre. I’m always up for a new challenge, a new routine, new.. well, everything.

So, who the heck am I in the exercise world then? I’m not sure & that used to really bother me, that I wasn’t awesome at just ONE thing. But, who cares. I live a healthy lifestyle, I strive to be more fit than I was yesterday. I eat REAL food. I find humor in most situations.  I am so much more than just a runner and just a crossfit athlete, I am a friend, a sister, a daughter, an employee, a beachbody coach, a student, and just so happens that I am also someone who is absolutely obsessed with sweating my ass off & then chugging a protein shake.

Do you define yourself by an exercise program? Or do you just try them all?!  There’s no wrong answer here.




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