Happy Monday, Everyone! I just pressed submit on my final case study for my finance class I took this summer. My hope is that now that I have two months off I’ll be able to focus more on preaching what I practice through my blog. I am active on social media but not the best with this blog… so cheers to keeping up this blog!

It was a rainy day in Boston yesterday. It was the kind of day where you don’t want to get off the couch & Netflix keeps asking you if you are watching, because yes, you have been watching that long…

In an effort to stay active on such a dreary day, I hit the CrossFit box in the morning to work on my bubble butt & max out my back squat and then I took an amazing spinning class at B/Spoke Studio….

It is the kind of studio that you instantly feel at home. The bathroom is full of awesome amenities, they give you cleats to use during class (for free), they give you bottled water (for free) and they give you energy like no other. Despite the miserable weather yesterday, the second I stepped in the studio, I felt energized and ready to rock it. My friend & I have been to B/Spoke a few times and we got a feel for the different instructors. We sought out Susie’s class on purpose – she seemed like a chill, down to earth, awesome instructor.

And well, all of our assumptions were blown out of the water. This class was one of the best spinning classes I have ever been to. I walked into class tired and kind of cranky. I left class on cloud nine, ready to take on another week & more importantly, dripping sweat. I got a killer workout in without even realizing it. That’s the best part of spin (especially when it’s at such a good studio like B/Spoke) – you don’t even realize you are getting a workout in.

Oh I lied, the best part? Champagne Sundays. Yes, they are a thing. Spin your ass off, get a glass of Champagne.

Let me tell you, whatever I say in this blog will not do this studio justice. You’ll just have to go check it out yourself. Be sure to take advantage of their first time package, 4 classes for $50!!!

Thanks for a great class, B/Spoke. I think you’ve sucked me in for good…

Stay fit. xo.


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